We welcome our new teacher Adam from New Zealand!



Adam (アダム) from New Zealand

Hello, my name is Adam Wang and I come from the beautiful land of New Zealand. I first visited Japan when I was 16 years old. Since then it has been my dream to live and work in Japan. I guess I hardly need to tell you how excited I am now to be able to fulfill this dream. As an English teacher, I boast a solid academic background in linguistics and literature (BA). And my years of experience in public presentation gave me a fun and dynamic personality. Outside the classroom, I am an avid reader and writer. Like many of my fellow colleagues at Kudan English Institute, I believe a fun and stress free environment is the key to bettering your English. I am looking forward to having you in the class!

2016年6月6日 月曜日 6:01 PM Category: 講師.