TOEIC Part5 出題傾向分析と対策ポイント(1)

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TOEIC Part5 出題傾向分析と対策ポイント(2)

○ 語彙問題

1. 文意判断

The teacher’s association has announced that the food and drinks — supplied at the annual conference will not be provided this year.

(A) usually (B) hugely (C) evenly (D) strictly

2. 慣用句

After discussing the terms of the new health-benefits contract, _____ management and employees were satisfied.

(A) both (B) also (C) either (D) too

○ 文法問題

3. 品詞選択

The recent increase in tourism has done less to improve the business of small retailers in this area than we _____ predicted.

(A) original (B) originally (C) originated (D) originality

4. 動詞の形

Children who are two years old and younger are — free of charge to most concerts and films.

(A) admit (B) admits (C) admitted (D) admitting

5. 格

Although measures have been introduced to discourage the use of mobile telephones inside the opera house, _____ effectiveness remains limited.

(A) they (B) their (C) them (D) theirs

6. 関係詞

Dr. Johnson is offering a three-hour workshop during _____ she will share some perspective on effective time management.

(A) whose (B) while (C) whatever (D) which

7. 比較級・最上級

_____ all the candidates applying for the job, Mr. Wang appears to be the most promising.

(A) On (B) Between (C) Through (D) Of

8. 分詞・分詞構文

The forethought and planning _____ at each step of writing a proposal will have a direct impact on the chances of its acceptance.

(A) invest (B) invested (C) investor (D) investing

_____ in the late 1800’s, many of the coastline’s lighthouses remain standing today, having withstood the forces of nature for decades.

(A) Built (B) Building (C) Been built (D) Having built

9. 仮定法

_____there had not been slight delays in the bus service to the airport, Ms. Suzuki would have caught her scheduled flight to Brussels.

(A) If (B) Whereas (C) Unless (D) Even


※つづきはTOEIC Part5 出題傾向分析と対策ポイント(2)へ。

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