TOEIC 対策講座 (Special Preparatory Course for TOEIC)

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We have an upcoming event at the end of February! Since the next TOEIC test will be on March 15, 2015, we are offering a “3-day Special Preparatory Course” for those of you who need special guidance in studying for the exam.

Target Students: Students who seek special guidance in studying to increase their TOEIC scores.

Overview: The 3-day TOEIC preparation course will focus on developing the test taking skills and strategies necessary to tackle the test effectively and efficiently. The lectures will include strategy practice exercises as well as study tips in both the listening and reading sections to aid students in being aware of the steps to be followed when dealing with particular test questions.

Date: 2月27日,3月6日、3月13日
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Price: 9,000円
How to enroll: Send an email to <> with the following details:
*Contact info:
*Previous TOEIC Score:
*Parts of the test (parts 1-7) you mainly want to focus on:
*Purpose for taking the TOEIC:

Application deadline: February 23, 2015 (Mon)
Number of people: 2~6 people

*Note: The 3-day course contents will depend on what parts of the test the majority of the participants have chosen to focus on.

Let’s help each other reach that target score!



九段英語学院 ニュース(2015年2月17日)



<TOEIC 対策講座の詳細>




【料金】9,000円 (税込)
















Day 1 (2月27日):TOEIC スコアをアップする方法、ヒントなどレクチャーとディスカッシヨン

Day 2 (3月6日):個別パートのやり方やテクニック、練習

Day 3 (3月13日):個別パートのやり方やテクニック、練習


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