The Secrets of Satoshi Oota in Increasing His TOEIC Score by 440 Points!

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Mr. Satoshi Oota, congratulations in getting a TOEIC score of 755! In just one year and two months, from 315 to 755, you have raised your score by 440 points. We will reveal the secrets in this interview!



Q. (Chatted a bit in English for a while before starting the interview) It’s surprising how your English became so good! Like you became another person altogether! Please share with us how you feel on getting 755 points in TOEIC!
I’m just happy (laughs). At the time, I hated [the fact] that I couldn’t speak in English, and just studied like crazy. But, getting the TOEIC 755 score, and compared to me before, I felt like I got a bit better in English.

Q. Were there any advantages on getting a score of 755 points in TOEIC?
I felt like English has opened up my future. For example, when I was job hunting, TOEIC score has proven to be a big advantage over other people. There are a lot of big companies that want higher than 700 points in TOEIC, and when they knew that my TOEIC score is higher than 700, I was able to be considered more quickly with no problems. Also, it is a big advantage for those who want to be certified public accountants (CPAs). Now I am studying to pass the CPA board exams, and after that, I would like to work overseas.
I didn’t expect this to happen 1 year ago. Because I was able to improve my English, I gained confidence, and felt like I passed through another stage in my life.

Q: Why did you want to study English in the first place?
I experienced a terrible moment and that was the trigger. I went to an international party with foreigners, and I couldn’t speak English at all and couldn’t communicate with them, so I was very embarrassed. I studied English since I was a middle school student, but I realized that I really don’t know any English at all…So I decided that I will study English and entered Kudan English Institute.


Q: Would you share with us how you have studied English so far?
First, I learned grammar and pronunciation, but that is not all. I used TOEIC textbooks, English newspapers, and movies. Sometimes I go to a foreigner international party, or an English café, because it helps in improving English. I easily get tired of something, so it is important for me to have fun to continue studying.
Q: Is there an advice you would like to give everyone who wants to improve their English skills?
Even though you are in Japan, you can still learn English. There are people who say that it is better to go abroad to study English, but that it not always the case. I have some friends who went on language exchange abroad, but since they are mostly with fellow Japanese people there, it was not an effective way of studying.
When I saw that, I decided to study in Japan instead, and I proved that you can improve your English skills even staying in Japan (laughs).

Q. What were the benefits of going to Kudan English Institute while you were studying English?
There was a lot, but one of the best things was, them teaching me how to study English. I didn’t know how to study by myself before, so I couldn’t improve. When I learned the method of studying English, I could enjoy studying continuously.
For everyone who thinks that English is hard to grasp, or for those who don’t know how to study English, I would recommend Kudan English Institute!


Q: Any last comments?
To b good in English, most importantly, continuous study is very important.
I think that any person can improve their English, as long as they continue to study for a long time. Like me, I have had friends who studied for a long time, but studying should not be just hard – it should be fun as well.


Best of luck to your bright future!

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