Here are our past teachers and their experiences in working with Kudan! 



My name is Raymond (Ray) Zurburg. I am from the Netherlands. I worked at Kudan for 1 year and 8 months.

My work consisted of teaching, preparing class assignments and homework checking. I helped with preparing with events and some minor contributions for future lessons that are taught at the school.

Working at Kudan was always fun and enjoyable. I saw and taught a lot of different Japanese people as a private teacher and as a café host. I felt always proud when a student got a new level in their English skill. As a teacher I taught English, but in exchange I got a lot back in Japanese culture knowledge and friendship.

As for the management at Kudan English led by Charmaine and Monica, they are helpful, patient and funny. The service and helpfulness towards the customers and students is one of things that is really great, but most of all they make you feel like being part of the family. The Kudan family.

As for some advice for the Kudan students and future students, in the Netherlands in my city, we have a credo “Stronger through Effort”. It means never to give up and to make effort to achieve your dreams or goals. It is something I tell myself when I learn Japanese or any other goal I have. The other advice is “Enjoy while learning”. Find something you enjoy and make it a part of learning.

I always remember my time at Kudan fondly, even I’m now moved to a new job, but I will always try to drop by when I am near Kudan English School.


My name is Kendall Davis. I’m a 25 year old Japanese studies student from the US. From the time I started at Kudan, I immediately felt welcomed by Monica and Charm. They both were extremely essential in helping me become an effective English teacher and I’m highly thankful that they gave me the opportunity to work for such a great institution.

Working at Kudan was a new experience for me. After becoming comfortable with teaching and helping in the cafe, I realized how much I really enjoyed helping people learn English. I loved that my students came to value me as a teacher and that they looked forward to our lessons together. I found it extremely gratifying to see students improve and become more confident in their English abilities over time.

I look forward to coming back to Japan so that I can return to Kudan and be welcomed back into a work environment that I still love and cherish to this day.


My name is Eddy, I am from Costa Rica, I worked at Kudan for only two months due to my busy schedule, I am a 4th year University student, I am just about to graduate from my University here in Tokyo so that is why I sadly have to leave.

Since the moment I walked in the Kudan building, I could tell that this was both a highly professional place and also a fun and relaxed environment where, seemed like, everyone’s job was to make you feel welcome.

Teaching English in Kudan felt like an unforgettable experience where I tried my best to share whatever little knowledge I have with the students I could sit with, from all the different levels and different personalities, every Japanese student I had was always a nice experience for me, I hope that my time with them helped in their language goals and aspirations.

To all the Kudan teachers I didn’t get to meet, which is all of them, I envy you because you have the privilege of working in one of the best places, to keep chatting with Charmaine and Monica in the short free times, to be able to cooperate with the office staff with any task they need, to get snacks, to help and share with your Japanese students, to build friendships, but mainly, because all of you can continue to be part of the beautiful and professional Kudan family.

Thank you all for your kindness.


My name is Colin McAulay, I’m 63 years old, from Australia, and I worked at The Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture English School for 1 year.
My duties were to attend to the Conversation Café and to teach some private lessons but participating in the Café was my main role. I also did some homework and assignment checking and marking and I made some contributions towards formulating future lessons to be taught at the school.
I found that working in the Café was very interesting – being paid to sit and drink coffee while getting to know about the clients’ lives and exchange cultural information was my idea of a good time. The spectrum of people who attended the Café was wide, from business people to university and high school students, small business owners, fashion designers, politicians, bankers and many more categories who ensured that it was always fun.
I can’t say enough good things about the Management Team of the English School. Led by Ohshiro-san, and the beautiful Charmaine and Monica, the team were always kind, patient, understanding and a pleasure to work with. I was also fortunate enough to make some good friends among the other teachers who worked at the school and I will miss everyone involved. I leave with some reluctance and will always think fondly of the people and my time at Kudan.


I’m Ale. I’ve been working at Kudan English for a short time, but I have to say that it has been awesome. Throughout the two months I spent in here I’ve learnt a lot of things and known a lot of new people, students, friends and colleagues coming from every part of the world. It’s been short but rich in experiences, and I’ve taken these experiences with me when I got back home to Italy. Here we say “make a treasure of it”, and that’s what I did! Now I’m going on with my studies in my country, but I’m looking forward to come back to Japan and to Kudan English when university is done!

Ken - Photo 1


Hello! This is Ken. It was an enjoyable experience working here. Thanks to the kind feedback of Monica and Charmaine, I was able to improve and adjust my teaching style over the course of 3 months having private lessons with Japanese adult students. I can also assure you that the students are very determined and willing to learn from your knowledge and experiences. You will have a blast too!



I came to Japan in September to study abroad for my last year of college at Seijo University and started working for Kudan in November 2015. Among my many interviews with various English schools in the Tokyo area, I felt that Kudan held a philosophy that differentiated from others.  Kudan does not only strive to have students excel in learning a foreign language and reaching their own personal goals, but most importantly, they care about their students on a personable level.  I strongly believe that in order for students to foster a passion to learn and grow as an individual, they need a supportive, caring team to guide them along their learning journey. I was instantly drawn to this school’s learning and work environment and made many memorable experiences through my 6 months of working there. Not only did my job consist of teaching a wide array of individuals privately, but I was also given the opportunity to teach a pronunciation class on Thursday evenings and even visit an international company once a week for a group lesson.  Work was never repetitive and the variety of duties allowed me to grow skills that will help me in the future.

Though I am sad I am no longer working at Kudan, I still feel that I am part of the Kudan family with all the strong relationships I have built there with students and fellow coworkers.   Though Charmaine and Monica were technically my “boss”, I developed a genuine friendship that I could go to them not only for guidance in teaching, but for personal reasons as well.  Anyone who gets the opportunity to work at Kudan will have a wonderful experience.


My name is Yasmina from the Netherlands .I’ve worked at Kudan for 1 year and 5 months and will have to leave Japan in order to pursue my studies, however I have had an amazing time being a teacher at this school. This was my first job as a teacher and felt really nervous when I had to teach my first private lesson, thankfully both Monica and Charmaine made sure I was well prepared and this made me feel at ease. The students as well are very motivated and willing to learn, so each and one them are scheduled with a teacher that matches their learning style. I’ve built great bonds with my students and have had an amazing family while living in Japan. I will never forget the experiences I’ve had at this university as well as the memories I’ve made at Kudan!



Hello、my name is Alejandra. I’m from Mexico, and I worked at the Kudan English Institute for eight months. I came to Tokyo to study Japanese but I thought that teaching at Kudan would be a great experience too, and it was. My work consisted of teaching private lessons, and checking homework. Ohshiro san, Monica san and Charmaine san were always really kind and understanding and helpful. I cannot thank them enough. Thank you for letting me be part of the Kudan group. And the students were so nice… I’m just so glad I got a chance to talk to everybody. Thank you again for your generosity and support. It was a really wonderful experience!


My name is Katina Tsangarides and I’m from the United States. My eight months working at Kudan have made my time in Japan truly unforgettable. The English school management team not only supported any teaching inquiries I had, but they made the needs of the students and teachers their first priority. The students were also a large part of why I loved working here. They were always a pleasure to teach, and I learned a lot from them during our lessons. Overall, the experience I’ve had at Kudan has been irreplaceable. I have gained lifelong friends, improved my teaching skills, and made memories I will never forget. Thank you to all the students and staff that made working here so enjoyable. My hope for the future is that Kudan’s students and  teachers will continue working hard towards their goals and go on to do great things. Through hard work and perseverance, no goal is out of reach.



I’m Bryan from the UK. I had a great experience working at Kudan. The teachers I worked along side were positive, encouraging, professional and fun people who all have a great attitude. It was my first time as an English teacher in Japan, but they made me feel very comfortable right from the start, always answering my endless stream of beginner questions about how to teach English better. The environment is very calm and I never had a single bad experience. The students I taught were also pleasant and very attentive people. There is a good team spirit at Kudan. Teachers help each other keep the place up to date and flowing, like figuring out events together collaboratively, so I always felt in the loop. I felt I could always ask any kind of question, no problem! I learned how to become a better teacher, made some genuine friends, and all around had a great experience at Kudan. Thank you!


Hi there, I am Nicolas and I come from Singapore, but I was raised in China and Korea as well. I had an extremely enjoyable time working here at Kudan, especially under the tutelage of Monica and Charmaine. I started off with minimal teaching experience in Japan, and they helped me, along with my other co-workers, improve my teaching skills throughout my time here. Although it has only been 8 months, the memories that I have attained here will be cherished forever. The amazing thing about Kudan is that you actually get to connect with your students, and get to know them and their unique personalities! Farewell, but I am sure we will see each other again!


Hello, I am Lasse from Finland and I worked for Kudan for 10 months. Teaching has always been my passion, and thanks to Kudan I had the chance to experience teaching English to Japanese students. Unfortunately my time at Kudan came to an end, but I truly enjoyed working with the Kudan family. Being a student, Kudan provided me a fun way of earning an extra income, while also getting to meet and experience a different side of Japan. I am not a native English speaker and did not have a prior teaching experience, but Kudan welcomed me warmly and helped to develop my teaching abilities. Thank you for everything.


My name is Natsumi and I’m from the Philippines. I worked in Kudan for about 7 months and in that short time I’ve learned a lot about teaching and what it takes to be a good teacher.

I met different kinds of people while working in Kudan and learned many things, both from fellow teachers and students. The students are all very kind and motivated to learn English and that just warms my heart.

I will forever treasure all the experiences I had in Kudan and I’m sure anyone who decides to join the company will have plenty of good experiences as well.


I’m Cloe from France. I worked in Kudan for eight months, and I clearly would have stayed longer. I started with zero experience in teaching and I’m so grateful to Charmaine and Monica for giving me that chance. Working here was an amazing opportunity to learn about what kind of teacher I would like to be and how to become better. But the best thing about that job is that I got to meet all those lovely and funny people that are the students and the other teachers, all part of the Kudan family. I immediately felt welcomed and I will always remember my time here with a lot of joy.


I’m Mehdi from Paris. Right after starting working at Kudan, I really felt warmly welcomed by the whole team. Whether it be Charmaine and Monica or my fellow co-worker, they definitely know how to put you at ease from your first day. At the same time, they give you valuable advice about what to do later on so that you could get more confident in yourself. Not only that, you also get to connect with your students and all the members of the Kudan family that continue on in your life.


My name is Joey Joachim Bertschler. I am 25 years old, from Austria and I worked at The Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture English School for a short time, as I sadly had to move on for a different job. My duties were to teach student, correct material such as homework and help with various office tasks.
Working at Kudan was a great experience. I got to learn about my students lives and be part of it as they told me tales of their lives all the while working with the friendly people from Kudan who guided me.

From buisness people to students,- there was a wide range of people visiting.

I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of the good people of KILC who worked at the school and I will miss them all very much. I will hold these memories dear and build upon the valuable experience.


Hello everyone! 🙂 This is Charmaine and I have worked in Kudan for 3 years and 9 months — whew! That’s a looong time! But what can I say? It’s a lot of fun! Monica was my teammate and partner (in crime) in those years, and the teachers and students have become my family. Simply put, we love each other. I am deeply saddened to leave but I know that we will all see each other soon because you know, that’s what Kudan is for me — a place to return to; a place like home.


Hi! My name is Alisha and I worked at Kudan for a bit over seven months while I was doing a Working Holiday in Tokyo to learn more about Japan and some of its traditions (and tasty treats). I had a great time and wish that I could have stayed longer to, maybe, one day, actually be able to speak Japanese and to continue teaching at Kudan.
I was lucky to meet so many wonderful people, students and fellow teachers alike, along the way. At the same time, through conversations and researching topics for discussion, I was able to learn lots of different things, not only about teaching, from Monica and Charmaine, but also about traveling, history, cinema, technology, art, photography and all kinds of other topics that my diverse students and the other teachers were passionate about.
Now that I have to leave Japan I will miss being able to see my amazing colleagues and the lovely students that I had the honor to teach every week and will always look back at my time at Kudan with a smile.


Hello! I’m Stella Laurence from Indonesia. I worked in Kudan for 8 months and it was a very pleasant experience. I had no prior experience in teaching English but giving my kick-off in Kudan was the right decision.

Monica, who is the head of Kudan English, is a very good mentor. She is very approachable and is very active in the giving and asking for feedback. I grew so much under her guidance.

What makes Kudan more enjoyable was that unlike many other English schools, Kudan provides a concrete lesson plan. It also has various books from which teachers can refer to for their lesson preparations. This makes lesson preparations, which usually are the bulk of the workload, less time-consuming.The working environment in Kudan is very positive. Colleagues in Kudan were friendly and easy to get along with. Overall, Kudan is a school where both teachers and students would be able to learn and grow together. 🙂

Jihoon (Jay)

Hey! My name is Jay and I am from Korea. I worked in Kudan Institute for about 7 months. My work was about helping students with their conversational skills, TOEIC, TOEFL, SAT exams, and business emails.My working days in Kudan had been always fun and exciting. Every day, there were new things to do for me and new things to talk about with my students. When I was teaching English to my students, I felt that this is not like a teacher and student relationship but closer like to talking to a friend in a café.

I always felt like at home in Kudan. Partially because I went to the Japanese language school here but people who work here always made me feel like I am always welcomed. It has a really friendly working environment.

I have learned a lot from this place and I hope it will be the same for the future teachers. You would have lots of fun here.

Thank you so much for being part of the Kudan Family! 🙂