Please welcome our new teacher Alessio from Italy!



Alessio (アレッシオ) from Italy

Hi everyone! My name is Alessio, but you can call me Ale. I come from Italy, I live between Turin and Milan. I’ve been studying at a Scientific High School in Italy for five years, and I’m now studying Japanese and German languages at Saitama University, near Tokyo, as an exchange student. However, I usually study in Turin, attending Japanese and German language, literature and linguistics classes. I’ve also been working as a waiter for two years, and as entertainer for children for three months in Tunisia, Africa, where I could learn French as well: I essentially love relating to other people and cultures! As I am studying two foreign languages, I know first-hand what it means to face problems related to them and how long it can take, but I also know how much it’s interesting and fun to study together! So let’s meet and learn together something about our own languages and cultures! I’m looking forward to see you!



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