990 Points in TOEIC? It’s possible! Here are 10 tips for TOEIC test-takers.

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Getting the coveted 990 isn’t that difficult after all!


One of our teachers took the TOEIC test to see what it’s like; here’s what she has to say:

Taking the TOEIC exam is not easy, even for native speakers.

Here are some tips that would get you through TOEIC:

1. Set a goal. What score would you want to get? What score do you think you will get? Knowing and assuring yourself what score you are determined to get eliminates unnecessary pressure on yourself.

2. Try to relax before the exam. Getting in the right mood before an exam is important. Don’t be nervous and just do your best.

3. Get enough rest, eat breakfast, and bring a watch. The last thing you want to do is fall asleep in the middle of the listening section! Also, having a watch to take note of the time is important.

4. Try to build up your vocabulary as much as possible. This includes tenses, verb forms, etc. To do that, see #5. 

5. Practice fast reading — a lot — before the exam. Being able to read the questions before the questions start is a HUGE advantage. Not only would you know which key words to look for, but you’ll also not be pressured to answer as fast as you can (the cause of careless mistakes).

6. Do not waste time pondering about your answers. Trust your instincts. Are you confused between A and B? Do not waste valuable test time if you truly do not know the answer. Just choose what your gut tells you.

7. Try to finish the exam. Even if you have to half-guess the remaining answers, try to answer everything and do not leave a question unanswered.

8. Reserve 3 minutes of the test time to review your answers. Did you miss a question? Have you answered everything? This is your time to go back and double-check your answers, maybe to think about that confusing question.

9. Relax after the test. One of the reasons why there are those who don’t do well in TOEIC is that they don’t have the right thinking for the exam. They are so scared and so pressured that when the exam comes and goes, their mind is still in that state. Relax and assure yourself that you did your best.

10. Do not stop studying! There are those who just study before a TOEIC test then stop studying afterwards until their next TOEIC test. Does this sound like you? Don’t do it! It will make your English level go back to the way it was before — or even worse than it was before the exam.

The next TOEIC is coming up! Good luck!

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