Hello! My name is Yasmina and I’m from the Netherlands!




Hi there! my name is Yasmina but most call me Jazz/Yazz and I’m from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I am from Moroccan decent, so next English and Dutch, I can also speak Moroccan-Arabic. I graduated from Mediacollege Amsterdam as an all-around media designer and illustrator. I came to Japan 2 years ago in 2012 to travel Japan and I instantly fell in love with this country! After that I came to Japan in 2014 to study in Japan. Right now I’m studying Japanese at a language school in Shibuya and as much as it is fun, it’s also hard work! So I know how it feels to be learning a new language! Next to studying Japanese, my greatest passion is drawing! I love designing and being creative and I will make sure to include that while teaching English. Looking forward to meeting you!

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